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Supporting special needs families with grace, strength and humor.

Meet our Family...

When you adopt children with dynamic needs you ride a roller coaster full of ups and downs. It can be exciting one minute and terrifying the next. Welcome to Many Kinds of Families where we take on that roller coaster ride full force with grace, strength and humor.


I am a fierce momvocate, published writer, activist, and speak before I think on a regular basis. My family is everything to me and have made me the person I am today. I am ever bending, never breaking.


Shannon is an amazing advocate and partner. He is the glue that keeps us together. Shannon tirelessly works for his children and the disability community. He graduated Partners in Policymaking and uses his knowledge in his job and volunteer work to advocate for changes.


Marvin is an amazing 15 year old. He has O'Donnell-Luria-Rodan Syndrome and is Neurodiverse. He is becoming a strong advocate for himself and others. He loves video games, pizza, and giving his mom grey hair.

Cary Lynn

Cary Lynn was a feisty and vivacious tiny human. Born at 24 weeks and a host of medical complications she continued to defy the odds. She passed away December 31st, 2021 from Mitochondrial Disease. Her legacy lives on and she is never far from our thoughts and hearts.

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The Long Winding Road

Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey. That’s Fine. It’s Not Their Journey To Make Sense Of. It’s Yours-  Zero Dean That’s the truth of this

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Sorrow and Joy

We could never learn to be brave and patient , if there were only joy in the world- Helen Keller I’m sitting in the kitchen on

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Finding Hope

“Mental health problems don’t define who you are. They are something you experience. You walk in the rain and you feel the rain, but, importantly,

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The Purpose of Genius

The letter came with the bills, two fliers, and a reminder that I desperately need to contact a random place for my extended car warranty. I

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The Other Mother

Giving birth does not make a mother.  Placing a child for adoption does not make her less of one. As we head into Mother’s

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Fifteen and rolling

Dear Marvin, When you first entered our lives you were 18 months old.  You came right out of foster care on a cold December day. 

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