Where did the Time Go?

Tomorrow is such a big day.  Not only is it Mother’s Day it’s Marvin’s birthday.  He enters a whole new era.  The little 18 month old John Deer loving baby becomes the 13 year old video game loving young man.

He was small.  He didn’t have a great start.  He walked into our hearts and home so easily.  Somehow the years slipped by as I blinked.

It’s been a really challenging 10 months.  We moved halfway across the country, Marvin started in one school and had to be moved to another school, another concussion, quarantine schooling, a diagnosis of EOE and we bought a new house that we will be moving to next month.  So life re

ally hasn’t been slow here.
But through it all he’s done pretty well.  He’s made new friends, startedadvocating for his medical needs, likes his school, and is adjusting to our new normal.
I’m so proud of him.  The boy who made me a mama and a better person.
Happy birthday Marvin.  You are so loved.


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